Friday, August 28, 2009

The B Word in Spanish

Just for fun I thought I would record how our morning went today. Just so when I am so far out of these having two young kiddos that I fail to remember these things.

Gannon has been fully potty trained for a long time- except at night. He just can't get the hang of it. Well- for two weeks he woke up with a dry pull up. Two weeks seems like long enough- right? So last night he slept in underwear. Guess who was in my room at 2:19 a.m. ( well actually it was 2:09 because my clock is 10 minutes fast)? Yep- you got it- Gannon. And guess what he said- "Mommy you forgot to put a pull up on me I AM WET!" And ringing wet he was! So I got him changed, his bed changed and back to sleep we went. He was quite grumpy yesterday so I let him sleep in this morning. When he woke at 9:00 I just knew he would be more chipper. And it seemed as though I was right until.....

We were going to have cereal and bacon and fruit for breakfast. We had talked about this last night- that's what they had requested. So as we went into the kitchen Koen announced " I want a nutrigrain bar." Gannon shrieks NOOOOO! He did not want Koen to have a nutrigrain bar. After all we had already discussed breakfast and what was on the menu the night before right? Well- I somehow got that fire put out and got the cereal boxes out for them to choose. There was this one type of cereal out of 4 that had very little in it. And they both wanted it. So I told them they would have to split it- Gannon MAD! So I split it between their bowls and - Gannon MAD! I was being calm and explaining that we would buy more next time we went to the store blah, blah, blah. SO I get the milk and as I pour milk into Koen's- Gannon is still MAD- but now for a different reason. This is NOT the kind of cereal I want! Oh really- problem solved!
So the rest of Breakfast was pretty good until....

Gannon has been testing the waters lately with the B word- butt. We don't allow the boys to say it but (oops) Gannon really likes to try to slip it in- for reaction from us of course. So we have now told him that he will get his mouth washed out (man I hope he doesn't continue to say it- I don't want to wash his mouth out!) At breakfast he was saying something nonsensical and silly- this is Gannon we are talking about, and out comes ButtKick. He immediately covered his mouth and said I won't say it anymore. Of course the GREAT mother that I am was choking back laughter- have you heard a cute as a button three year old say BUTTKICK lately? It was funny! So he then rambles on in Gannon language. Koen is gearing up to watch the soap washing that is sure to come and when he realizes that it may not be coming cause Mommy is laughing I am sure his smart brain strted scheming. Well, as Gannon rambled on in his own speak Koen said
" MMMMMMMM, Gannon said the B word in Spanish!!!"

Gotta love this life- never a dull moment at the Bruski's!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You know how some days are just different than any other? You can kind of feel it coming. You know that it will be monumental (your little slice of the world monumental). And then when it arrives you know it is going to be different THAN MOST OTHER DAYS.
Today was one of those days.
For 4 years 10 months and 23 days Koen was always with me. Always is relative, but mostly always with me. He went to work with me- yes he wasn't always in my classroom, but he was there. I have left him with family, friends, or Daddy and been without him. So why would today seem so different? Not sure- I am still trying to figure that out. I know that a piece of this puzzle that I have tried to solve all day has not so much to do with today but more to do with the past 4 years, 10 months, 23 days that we just left behind and the next years and years to come. I think every Mom has felt this as they faced the day like we did today. Maybe Dad's too- not sure. I felt alot of emotions about today...happy SAD anxious uncertainty PRIDE- and I knew that everything that I have done for him in the last 4 years, 10 months and 23 days had prepared him for this day. I just hoped that he would keep his senses today through all the excitement that he was feeling to remember all that we have taught him- manners, kindness, understanding, diversity...

So today came, and Koen was talking ninety to nothing about what his day was to hold. He was clearly EXCITED! I talked to Gannon; giving him fair warning that today would be the day that Koen would leave for awhile and he would not. I just knew that Gannon's little heart would break a bit missing his big brother. He said "OK Mama." In the end it was Koen that missed Gannon- go figure!

The time finally came so Koen got dressed in his new clothes and shoes. He spent a few extra seconds in front of the mirror looking at how handsome he was. I was glad he slowed down long enough for me to admire my sweety as well. He came downstairs so HAPPY that Daddy had come home from work to see him off. He knew it was picture time- I am his mother after all! So he headed to the fireplace (default pic spot in our house) to have his photo shoot.

First he was a little shy for the camera.

Then he warmed up a bit.

Put his backpack right on.

Showed off that backpack some more.

I loved on him for a sweet picture- Molly even wanted to send him off right.

Snuggled up to Daddy for a sweet pic.

And he was one handsome boy!

We arrived with plenty of a brand new school...

Walked hand in hand with Daddy- shoulders held high.

Stopped one last time for a picture before going inside.

With much excitement Koen found his room.

Mrs. McLoughlin had his name sticker ready as we entered.

As he put his backpack away in his cubby his eyes were wide with excitement as he took in all there was to see in the classroom.

Koen then gave us both hugs and kisses and took his seat on the carpet just as his teacher had asked.

And off we went...into the 4th year, 10th month and 24th day of his life. We are more proud of this little boy than I ever thought a person could be. And as I drove away through blurred vision, I knew he would do great, love it, thrive on learning, never cease to be curious, but for some reason letting go was hard today.

It was so great as I drove into the loop, saw him in his little line of classmates, pointing and waving "That is my Mommy" he said. As he got into the car I knew he had a great day. He couldn't have been more happy at that moment.