Friday, February 4, 2011

A Bucket Full of Fun

A boys childhood would not be complete without the simple toy of army men.  A bucket full of army men can provide hours of fun.  It is the simple things in life that truly make a young boy happy.  The simple pleasure of watching your son use his creative abilities, imagination, pretend, explore...that's what truly makes a mommy happy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday we received record breaking snowfall.  The official amount ended up being 21 inches with up to 8 foot snow drifts.  We were pretty much forced to stay inside all day due to the blizzard conditions.  However, later in the afternoon after the snow stopped falling, we did get out some, but not for long- it was so cold!  The boys loved being out in the deep snow- but were very ready to come inside and thaw out after only 15 minutes or so.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Snow Day of the Year {January 10, 2011}

***I am just now journaling the snow day that we had back in January due to some issues getting my pictures off of my camera.

The first snow day of the year was January 10.  There wasn't very much snow, but the boys made the best of it and had a few snowball fights.  These pictures were taken while the snow was still falling.  My camera battery died so I didn't get any pictures after there was more snow.

It's kind of crazy looking at these pictures with the "limited" amount of snow on the ground.We are currently snowed in because of the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2011.  The snow I can see out my window right now make this seem like nothing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Genuine Cowboy- Sort Of

Koen had cowboy day at school recently.  He was decked out.  He wore a western shirt, bandanna and genuine cowboy boots.  All he was missing was a genuine cowboy hat.  He was so cute.  I'm not sure the cowboy hat could have added any more cuteness though.  I just love seeing his hair.  I hope it's red-ish forever!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not so Bad...

This is my official apology to my parents (Mom in particular) for how much I hated shots as a kid.  The boys both had shots today and lets just say that I will NEVER take them to both get shots by myself again.  Gannon cried the whole way there and as soon as we were called back to the room the boys started full out fighting about who was going first.  I was mortified.  The nurse assured me that she had seen worse.  I finally was able to sort of convince Koen to go first.  I did however,have to pick him up and put him on the table.  At one point the nurse asked me if she should get another nurse to help hold him down.

So, meanwhile Gannon was standing in the corner of the room shaking, crying his eyes out begging them to DON"T DO IT!  I encouraged Gannon not to watch and he very quickly covered his eyes and sobbed louder.  Just for memories sake, although I am not sure how I would ever forget it, he sounded somewhat like a mix between a cow giving brith and who know what else.  Once I was able to lay across Koen with his hands under me, the nurse administered the shot and he barely even flinched.  He didn't cry or anything at the actual poke of the shot.

Gannon was just as hard if not more to get up on the table, but even though he was kicking with all his might, not having another child that was having a nervous breakdown (remember that sound he was making) in the corner made things a little easier.

By the time it was all over I was completely sweaty and my necklace had been pulled off.  We got our things together and left the room to check out.  The boys both said with swollen tear streaked faces "That wasn't so bad!"  Really?!?!?!?!?

{This was one of their better moments.}

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Language of a Brother

The boys are so close to each other in age and relationship.  Sometimes they fight alot, but I have to think that they really love each other too.  I know they would stand up for each other if need be and I like to think they will be the best of friends as adults too.  At dinner tonight we talked about our family being a team and that we are for (rather than against) each other.  This talk came on the heels of some disagreements that the boys had while building with Lego's this afternoon.  Gannon was not wanting to agree that we were a team.  Him and Koen got into discussion about it after I had tried to explain what I meant by that.  Koen very easily got the point across by saying, "Gannon we have been a team since the beginning."  It seemed to satisfy Gannon, as he no longer disagreed with the "family is a team" idea. I think they understand each other alot, maybe even more than I understand them. They speak each others language and seem to figure each other out so quickly.  Later I was looking through older pictures and found these.  How fitting.

A team since the beginning for sure.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Is Me Today

Today I am...

six (and a quarter)

in kindergarten

full of energy

a momma's boy

an eye roller 

growing quicker than my mom would like

learning basketball

wishing for snow

full of big ideas


Monday, January 3, 2011

Less is More

It is 2011 which is hard to believe considering it seems like just yesterday that so many were sure that things were to go awry come 2000 aka Y2K.  But , time kept on ticking and another decade has come and gone.  It is interesting because we are starting another decade in the sense of calendar years, but I am also starting another decade of my life.  I feel a sense of excitement about the starting of both new decades.

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions, nor do I plan to this year.  I do feel like this year holds a lot of potential in the Bruski household.  There are some exciting changes on the horizon that I am looking forward to see unfold.  I just feel so good about 2011 and I will do my part to keep that good feeling going.  I believe that attitude is THE most important part of the outcome of your day to day life.  I hope I can instill that in my boys as well.

The attitude that I want to keep at the forefront of my mind this year is that less is more.  This could go many different directions, but to begin with, our family is going to slow down.  Maybe the success of a simpler Christmas has spurred this idea on, but I feel that we need more of a sense of simplicity in our home.  In order to simplify we will likely have to turn down activities or invites,  prioritize with much more scrutiny and be intentional on doing the things that truly matter.  Another way I plan to simplify is by decluttering our house and being more picky about what comes into our home by considering: Do we really NEED it?  Will it add to our home or simply take up space?

I can't wait to see what this year holds for us.  Soon I am going to attempt to recap what the last decade has brought our way.  It's kind of fun to reminisce and evaluate where you have been and where you would like to go.

This year will be super busy, but by intentionally focusing on making our life simpler in the areas that we can control, I think I will be able to embrace more of the carefree attitude that my two redheads have mastered so well!

Blurry, but this captures the personality of my boys so well!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Simplified

I can truly say that we had the best Christmas that I remember in years.  SO many lessons were learned this Christmas from various events that happened. Each lesson learned helped to make this Christmas fabulous! I really am just journaling this for myself so that I can remember how making Christmas simpler this year helped to make it one of the best on record. This post is rather long so consider this fair warning.

To begin with; going into the season I made the commitment to myself that I would not over commit myself or try to over extend myself.  I began by simplifying my decorations.  I have yet to take them down, but I bet I will thank myself when it comes time to take them down as well. Since I originally started this post I have taken them down and as we were hauling things up to the attic I was very glad at how quickly I was able to get everything put away,. I cut down on how many sweets and goodies I cooked.  And last I let go of many expectations  for Christmas.  In years past I have expected my children to act perfectly as we madly rush from place to place and spend time with  friends and family.  I expect them to act overly thankful and happy with each gift, which is different from grateful I have now realized.  In years past I have expected to be able to jam pack our days leading up to Christmas with happy Christmas activities that will get us in  the Christmas mood, when all they really do (in such large quantities anyways) is cause burnout.

This year I listed all the activities I had done in the past and then choose my favorite 5 and stuck with those.  I turned down many invitations for holiday parties and such and just stuck to a few get togethers and mostly family time.

As Christmas grew closer I was letting myself fall back into old habits of hustle bustle and began to find myself very frazzled over all the things that needed to be done before Christmas.  A few days before Christmas Koen became very ill and we had a couple of very scary days wondering what the outcome would be.  This really gave me a reality check and I quickly realized what was important.

When Christmas did arrive I was so thankful for a healthy (mostly) family and what a miracle that was considering what had happened just earlier that week.  As an adult, I do not believe I have had a happier Christmas.  I was just truly overjoyed to be with my family and nothing else seemed to matter.

I did not get all of my Christmas cards out due to Koen's sickness, but I did get some out to mostly those that live away and that don't get to see the boys often as I included their picture in the Christmas card.

Like I said before I wanted to journal this in order to remember my feelings of this Christmas and keep things in perspective for years to come!

I didn't take hardly any pictures on Christmas, which I kind of regret, but I do have very good memories of my own, so I am OK with that.  Here are a few I did get.