Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally Sunshine!

I am not a winter lover and after the last week I am so ready for this winter to be over. Today was absolutely gorgeous and we went to the zoo. We met a friend and her girls and had a lovely time. We saw most of the animals and I think they were happy to have sunshine also because most of them were all stretched out soaking it up. We ended on the carousel and the music they were playing was Hannah Montana- Best of Both Worlds. It was so funny seeing all the little girls singing, A band that I enjoyed when and I was a kid that is now back together is coming to town in March and I may go see them with a friend, It will be like a flashback for me. I don't even know what any of their new songs sound like. Maybe they will at least sing some old ones. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny as well and I can't wait! I have really rambled enough so that's all for now. No pics- I sat the camera down on the table as we were walking out the door and forgot it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Ice Storm- January 2009

Well, It has been a month since I posted. We have had a busy month. Lots of new and exciting things going on. I will write about that later. Today is very icy here and we are out of school. We have had a good day. The boys have played everything under the sun, Brandon came home early so I took the opportunity and took a long hot bath, and then we all went out and explored the icy conditions briefly. The boys liked it but were cold and ready to come in when I rounded them up. I am posting a few of my favorites from the pics that I took.

Koen played on his very icy swing set!

My sweet little boys!

Gannon enjoyed holding chunks of ice that he was finding.

My Three Boys!