Monday, October 13, 2008

A Few Peaceful Moments

Brandon and I spent the weekend alone. This is a rarity for us. We missed the kids- I know it seems like a weekend without them would be great, and don't get me wrong- it was. We did however miss the two little balls of fire! We used the time to run errands, catch up on household chores and to spend some quiet time together. We began by going to our favorite Italian restaurant here in Owasso- Il Vecchio- and had a quiet dinner- it was delish! It was a big treat for me because I am on Weight Watchers, so I got to splurge a bit. I have been doing weight watchers for two weeks now- I have lost ten pounds! I already feel better. We went and saw some friends after dinner and then came home and tried to sleep in on Saturday morning. I was successful and was able to sleep until almost nine, Brandon was up at 6:30 though! It's funny how you get so used to something that you can't break the cycle only for a day. On Saturday evening we went to a get together with our Sunday School class. We watched the first two quarters of the OSU -Mizzou game and then headed home for the rest. WOW- Go Pokes! What a great game. We picked the kids up on our way to church on Sunday. As we were checking the kids into their Sunday School classes I was talking to another mom who asked me how our weekend was and after telling her that we were sans- kids she said- A few moments of peace go a long way. She is so right. We are recharged and better parents after being away from our kids, but so ready to be together as a family again.

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