Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Koen turned four back in September and it was just before that before he began to show any interest in writing his name. I would try to work with him, but he didn't have the interest so I backed off and continued to try to show him and help him. One day right after the beginning of September he decided he wanted to learn and he learned his name quite easily. He is now writing most of his letters and he has taken up drawing. He really likes to draw pictures and tell a story about the pictures. It is so hard to realize or even really fathom how far a child progresses in four short years. They are born totally helpless and in such a short amount of time they learn so much. They learn more in their first few years of life than they are ever to likely learn for the rest of their life. The great thing is that most of the time they are more motivated to learn at this age too! Every new discovery is so amazing to children. I love watching his face as he sits and really concentrates on his "artwork".

Koen seems so smart and Gannon wants to follow in his footsteps so closely. I really like the way they drive each other. I just hope that I can instill values in both of them that will give them the desire to be good people- as strongly as they have a desire to learn and do new things.

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