Friday, November 7, 2008

Dog Iron Ranch

We have had another busy week- as usual! The kids enjoyed Halloween last Friday. Last Saturday we all drove to Oologah (about 15 minutes North of Owasso) to Dog Iron Ranch &Will Rogers Birth Place. Will Rogers who was an actor on Broadway, starred in Hollywood movies as well as a radio commentator and he was very well known for his lasso skills was born there in Oologah in 1879 in a beautiful house (built in 1870) that still stands today. The Ranch and home are situated on a bluff overlooking Oologah Lake. We were hoping that more of the trees would have been turned, however very few were- it was still a pretty site. When we got there it was mid morning and we were surprised to find that it was so foggy we could not even see the lake. The boys weren't quite sure what to think about the house and the "odd" looking kitchen and bed- as it does not look anything like our modern day appliances and furnishings. We then went out to the barn, which Koen was quick to point out looked very much like the barn on the new Charlotte's Web, which it really did- if I didn't know better I might have thought that it was filmed there. We also went around behind the barn where there were some chickens running around along with a horse. As we approached the fence bordering the property we saw what I first thought was a cat. As it stood up to look at us and then quickly get away into the brush I realized it was not a typical cat but a bobcat. We think by the way it was hunkered down in the grass that it was thinking of having a chicken for a mid-morning snack! We finished by visiting the animals that were wandering around in the front- some donkeys, a horse and two baby goats and their mother. Will Rogers is famous for his quote-

"I never met a man I didn't like."
As we were reading the historical marker with this inscribed on it I realized this describes Koen very well- he makes friends so easily and is not shy at all. As we walked down to look at and pet the animals I thought to myself... we could change that quote for Gannon and it would say:
"I never met an animal I didn't like."
He is so gentle with animals, doesn't seem to have a fear of any animal and animals seem to sense this. Maybe one day he will be a vet- who knows.

We enjoyed our time there. It was Will Rogers Day- or so it was supposed to be and that is why we went out there. It was kind of strange though because we did not see a single soul until we were about to leave and then one car with a couple of people were there. It was nice and quiet and peaceful though. We may go back after some of the trees change more- if they don't lose all of their leaves first. So many of the trees were damaged by the ice storms and I am noticing that again now that I am looking for fall foliage.
I'll end by writing about the ladybugs. In the bathroom building and the barn as well as by the doors and windows of the house there were TONS of ladybugs- I wished I would have taken pics. Most were not alive but a few were still moving around a bit. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen- as far as ladybugs go. I would love to know why there were so many and what happened to them- if anyone knows of an explanation for this leave me a comment and let me know!
I hope you enjoy these pics from our trip to Will Rogers Birth Place.

Looking out past the split rail fence that borders the property at the lake covered by the fog.

Koen looking out at the fog- and of course little brother is not far behind.

Maybe Charlotte was there afterall!

One of the trees that had begun to change out to the side of the house.

This was the prettiest tree- but you can see the damage from the ice storm.

Standing under the tree looking up at it.

Gannon gave the donkey a kiss on the nose!

Look Mommy- goats!

Gannon was looking out at the fog.

Cute baby goat!

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