Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Highlights {Post Vacation to Mid July}

We have done so much since we have been back from vacation.  Here is a quick recap.

We went to a super fun birthday party at the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.

Wayne, Shelly and the girls came over for a beautiful fireworks show and concert at Stone Canyon.

We went to Owasso Stadium to see the city of Owasso's fireworks for the first time ever!  Also for the first time in history(that I know of) Gannon fell asleep about 2 minutes into the fireworks.  They were so loud- I do not know how he slept!!

We enjoyed hosting a few friends, family and old and new neighbors for a cookout and some fireworks(in the rain) on July 3.

On July 4th after church we enjoyed some time with my parents and then we watched and lit fireworks with our neighbors.  We were introduced to a new firework this year that is definitely my favorite- the sky lantern.

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3- 3D.  SUCH a good movie!  Very sad, but what a great way to end such a good 3 movies!

Brandon and I went to see Grown Ups- HILARIOUS!!!

Had to give our guinea pigs ( Moose and Fibble) away due to allergies and such, but thankfully Susie and Erin agreed to take them so we can go visit when the boys want to see them.

Had a great week at VBS at church- Treasure Quest.  The highlights for the boys were  the puppets, great music and seeing Bubba get inside of a 6 foot balloon and tell the story of Jonah from inside.  It was so cool!

We celebrated my Mom's birthday!  At this time last year she was taking radiation.  She is once again cancer free, although she still struggles with some stomach issues that prevent her from eating some things.  We are so thankful that she is cancer free and super glad to celebrate her birthday!

My Aunt Carol came into town for a family reunion so we headed to Fort Gibson lake a couple of days to spend time with her.  The boys really enjoyed getting to spend time with her and she SPOILED them!

I know that there are probably things that I have missed and I would like to add pictures to this post, so this may be a post in progress for a while.  It has been so hot the last week or so and I can hardly stand to be outside.  I was looking through pictures and found this one- I needed to see this to remind me that the seasons will change and before we know it this "Oppressive" heat (as one of our weather men has been calling it) will be long gone!

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