Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not so Bad...

This is my official apology to my parents (Mom in particular) for how much I hated shots as a kid.  The boys both had shots today and lets just say that I will NEVER take them to both get shots by myself again.  Gannon cried the whole way there and as soon as we were called back to the room the boys started full out fighting about who was going first.  I was mortified.  The nurse assured me that she had seen worse.  I finally was able to sort of convince Koen to go first.  I did however,have to pick him up and put him on the table.  At one point the nurse asked me if she should get another nurse to help hold him down.

So, meanwhile Gannon was standing in the corner of the room shaking, crying his eyes out begging them to DON"T DO IT!  I encouraged Gannon not to watch and he very quickly covered his eyes and sobbed louder.  Just for memories sake, although I am not sure how I would ever forget it, he sounded somewhat like a mix between a cow giving brith and who know what else.  Once I was able to lay across Koen with his hands under me, the nurse administered the shot and he barely even flinched.  He didn't cry or anything at the actual poke of the shot.

Gannon was just as hard if not more to get up on the table, but even though he was kicking with all his might, not having another child that was having a nervous breakdown (remember that sound he was making) in the corner made things a little easier.

By the time it was all over I was completely sweaty and my necklace had been pulled off.  We got our things together and left the room to check out.  The boys both said with swollen tear streaked faces "That wasn't so bad!"  Really?!?!?!?!?

{This was one of their better moments.}

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