Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Language of a Brother

The boys are so close to each other in age and relationship.  Sometimes they fight alot, but I have to think that they really love each other too.  I know they would stand up for each other if need be and I like to think they will be the best of friends as adults too.  At dinner tonight we talked about our family being a team and that we are for (rather than against) each other.  This talk came on the heels of some disagreements that the boys had while building with Lego's this afternoon.  Gannon was not wanting to agree that we were a team.  Him and Koen got into discussion about it after I had tried to explain what I meant by that.  Koen very easily got the point across by saying, "Gannon we have been a team since the beginning."  It seemed to satisfy Gannon, as he no longer disagreed with the "family is a team" idea. I think they understand each other alot, maybe even more than I understand them. They speak each others language and seem to figure each other out so quickly.  Later I was looking through older pictures and found these.  How fitting.

A team since the beginning for sure.

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