Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here in Tulsa we have an incredible zoo.  It was even named America's Favorite Zoo (or something like that?) a couple of years back.  Anyways, we go to the zoo alot.  The boys have learned so much there and really love the animals.  Well, the last time we went to the zoo was a few weeks ago.  We went on a Saturday and met a friend and her girls there and had a great time.  Koen had been hearing an advertisement on the radio for a few weeks before that about Yukon the brown bear's birthday.  So the day we went was Yukon's birthday- he was turning 28.  We got there right around 1- that's when the birthday party was to begin.  So we headed straight back to the area where Yukon is and got to see him "opening presents".  It was cute and the kids just thought it was great.  As I was reading the local news today I learned that Yukon was euthanized today due to an incurable liver cancer.  The boys will be sad, especially Koen.  Koen's fish died this week and he was terribly sad.  Koen is my sentimental one and it made me sad to see him like that.  I wanted to post some pictures that I have taken of Yukon over the last few years.  Most of them were taken on the same day- one day last summer.  It was hot and he was very active in his little pond area.  I snapped a bunch as we watched him- I'm glad I did- now that he will not longer be at the zoo for us to see.  Rest in Peace Yukon!

I had to add this video.  It is a great Video of Yukon, but as I was going back through my pictures I found this video and I had not realized what Koen was saying.  It is hilarious!  I love Brandon's answer.  He is always so good about coming up with the right answer.  If it was me- I probably would have tried to explain way too much. (You will have to pause the music on my playlist to the right to hear the sound on the video.)

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