Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Mood Adjustment

It has been very rainy here!  I want the sun to come back out.  I have been so busy, and I know I keep saying that I will blog more often.  I so want just doesn't happen.  I am settling into a new rythym of life that will change again come the end of May, so MAYBE then I will blog more!  Well..I do not feel like typing much tonight so I will just post a few pics and in an attempt to change my mood/energy level I need to take a look at some things I am thankful for:

The green grass that the rain has brought!  
The BEAUTIFUL flowers that are blooming in my flower beds.
The previous owner of my home who planted all of the flowers!
Great lunch visits with co-workers these past few weeks.
A fabulous co-teacher that keeps me grounded on crazy days.
The delish pork chops my dad made me for dinner.  There is just something about your parents home cookin' every once in a while!
The love I feel from my husband even when we are so busy that the only words we speak to each other in a day are :  "Good Bye Honey- Love you." and "Good Night Honey- Love you."
A nice night by an outdoor fire with an amazing long time friend.
Children who never let my life be boring.  

Yes...I do feel better already!

Our "We Inherited it With the House" cat- Kitty

Mr. Gannon- looking down at me from the fort.

Soccer Cuties!

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Amber said...

Love the new layout, and also am kinda jealous that you have ANOTHER fabulous co-teacher, glad for you, but jealous! :)