Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yes, I finally got a whole bunch of pictures loaded from my camera.
No, I am not going to show you all of them, just a lot!
Yes, Gannon really does like to have his picture taken.
No, I never get tired of taking pictures of my kids.
Yes, I love this fun yes/no way of posting.
No, I din't create it- thanks MckMama!
Yes, Gannon sat still for quite a while as I snapped thses pics.
No, that is not completely normal for him.

Yes, these are snow pics.
No, these are not that snowed in April!

Yes, the boys had a great time building a snowman.
No, I didn't go out and help them.

Yes, I should have gone outside with them.
No, I am not fond of cold weather.

Yes, this is a snow fort.
No, they couldn't all agree on that fact- Gannon swears it was a boat.

Yes, this is my new backyard.
No, I didn't have to get out in the weather to take this- thanks to my big covered patio!

Yes I have more pictures I want to post.
No, I can not take any more of the slow process of posting to blogger- more later!

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