Friday, April 10, 2009

This post is going to be a catch up post since it has been so long since I have really posted.

I guess I need to go back to March. We closed on our new house on March 2. We got moved in and are still getting settled. I just got things hung on the walls about a week ago and still have more pictures, just haven't found the right space for them. We celebrated Brandon's birthday on March 5. His mom had ordered him a pizza from
Giordano's in Chicago. They shipped it partially cooked in dry ice. She used to live in Chicago and we always had to eat at Giordano's when we visited. It is the best pizza you have ever tasted and I can barely eat a whole piece- it is so filling. We had a snow the last weekend in March. We had three birthday parties to attend that weekend. We went ahead and went and it was good to get out of the house, but it was snowing so hard. It is really the first hard snow the boys have seen. They loved it. The boys and Brandon went out and built a snowman and a fort.

So far in April we have celebrated Gannon's 3rd birthday! I can not believe that my baby is 3. I am not sure that there will be any more babies for me, so his 3rd birthday makes me a little sad. We were to have his birthday party at Funtastic Island-the most amazing park I have ever seen, however as the weekend got closer it became apparent that we would have to come indoors for the party so it was at our house. I had lots of crafts for the kids, plenty of toys of course, pizza and cake and for the first time ever at one of my kids parties a pinata! There were 40 people here. It was fun and Gannon had a blast! Tomorrow morning it is off to soccer, then to the
Easter Egg Drop at the park down the road from our house. Sunday we will celebrate Easter by going to church in the morning and spending the rest of the day with my parents.

That is pretty much it. I have to be better about keeping up. I will update this post later with pictures when I get them uploaded to my computer!

OH MY- I almost forgot. I am sooooo excited and can't believe I forgot about this. I was recently offered a new position as Assistant Preschool Director at FBCO. I will begin training week after next and I can't wait. I will give more details later- but I will still be able to work part time, the boys will be able to still go to preschool where they are at now and I couldn't be happier for this change!

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Marla Taviano said...

Hi, Krystal. Thanks for your comment on my blog. You can read more about our adventures at or go to my "zoo" category on my blog to see my posts about zoos.

You're welcome to join us at the Tulsa Zoo if you'd like! We'll be there at 9am on Tuesday.